To China for Emma in 2004

Two years after bringing her home, we've finally made a blog dedicated to Emma's adoption from China in 2004. The following posts include pictures from our journey and e-mail messages we sent home to our family & friends while in China. Enjoy!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

August 26, 2004

Subject: Thursday in China

Today was a great day.. saying this sarcastically. Well most of it
was fun. We did our morning routine of breakfast with the group, nap
for Emma and school work for Sera. Our facilitator Liu called and
said that if we would like, we could go to the Pearl Factory . I
thought this would be great since this is where we should buy the
pearls if we wanted any. So we decided to go. Our other guide Bruce
met us in the lobby along with Ken, Debbie & Meili and Ray, Jeanne &
Kelly. The pearl factory was very nice. First they showed us a video
of how they got the pearls, and how they made things etc. Next, they
led us to a tank filled with oyesters and each family picked one
out. Then they opened it and showed us in the insides. There were
seven pearls in the one we chose, and they were very tiny! They gave
them to us, so hopefully we can get them strung into earings. After
this, they took us upstairs to the "store", so we could buy pearls
of course!! The employees were so excited to see all of us Americans
with Chinese little girls!! They asked us how old they girls were
and where they were from, and they got a kick out of the fact that
they're from Beijing! We bought some nice pearls for friends and got
a nice bracelet for Sera and a necklace for Elena. Claudio bought me
a very pretty necklace with just a single pearl on it.. it's black
and has an odd shape, like an egg! It's very pretty though. The (I
guess) owner of the store came out and gave each girl a pearl
bracelet. How sweet!!! Ken & Debbie had Meili all decked out in a
pearl necklace, bracelet & anklet.. she was too cute! Emma's pearl
bracelet is too big (she is so tiny and has the smallest wrist!) and
when we did put it on her she started pulling at it, so maybe in the
next 2 years she will wear it!! After the pearl factory, Bruce asked
if we would like to go to the Silk factory. It sounded interesting,
so we decided to go. It was in an old part of Beijing, in this park
that looked kind of abandoned. When we got inside, they showed us
how they made silk items. They first gather the silk cacoons and for
some things, spin out the thread on this neat machine. The silk
thread is very strong! Next, they showed us another way of making
silk. The woman would dip the cacoon into some hot water and open it
up. She would take the silkworm out of it (which is an ugly worm..
but it makes beautiful fabric!!) and then stretch the cacoon over
this leather semi sircle thing. After it dried, some other girls
would take the silk and stretch it. They took about 7-8 layers of
this stuff and would make a silk comforter! They showed us the end
project and it's a nice comforter that's soft!! They had a store to
sell them, and we thought it was nice, but something we don't need
right now. Maybe on our next trip to China!! We also visited the
store where they had the Chinese outfits, dresses, bathrobes,
scrafes, and rugs.. and so many other things!! Claudio bought ties
for a few friends. It was fun to just look around. Emma loved to
walk and feel all of the silk! Of course, after awhile you're ready
to leave! We noticed the bus was not outside of the factory, and
Bruce was trying to contact the driver. He told us that the driver
had had an emergency and needed to help a colleague of his. But
right before we went into the factory, he told us to gather all of
our things. He obviosley knew that the bus was not coming to pick us
up, and actually going to pick up another group!! So, his soloution
was to take a taxi home. Now driving in China is the worst thing!!
Sera says it is worse than when she went to Jamaica. I don't mind
the bus, but being in a taxi when the driving is crazy frightens me.
Plus we were almost an hour away from the hotel, and we had paid for
the bus!! But we did take the taxi home.. horrible!! The driver took
us down there back alley streets, we went down one way streets going
the wrong way.. I thought we were going to be killed!! Emma was
sleeping, but she picks up on my emotions and hearing my heavy
breathing from being scared to death, made her wake up and be
cranky. But we did make it home. Thank God. As we were taking the
stroller out of the trunk, Claudio noticed that there was a propane
fuel tank.. I cannot tell you how many times we almost got rear ened
on the way home.. and if we did, we would have been crispy french
fries!! It was a horrible experience in that taxi and made the day
horrible. Our trip has been so disorganized and we haven't been to
happy with our agency. Part of it is that this is their first time
in Beijing as an adopting group. We were some of the first families to be referred children from Beijing CWI. But I am not too
happy with this plan we have been on and am ready to get home!!
Otherwise it was a nice day!


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