To China for Emma in 2004

Two years after bringing her home, we've finally made a blog dedicated to Emma's adoption from China in 2004. The following posts include pictures from our journey and e-mail messages we sent home to our family & friends while in China. Enjoy!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

August 30, 2004

*Note- we didn't send any more updates until we arrived in Guangzhou on Sept 1st. But on our last Monday in China, we visited the Beijing zoo. It was a fun day although VERY hot!! The animals were nice, but a lot of them were dirty. I loved how the zoo made such a huge deal out of the panda exhibit. The panda's were enclosed inside a seperate building inside the zoo that required a fee to get in. It was probably about $5, but once inside there were ONLY 2 panda's and they were sleeping!! So, it wasn't very entertaining! But it was nice to get out and explore some more of Beijing.

Blogger isn't letting me upload the pictures, so I'll try again later.


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