To China for Emma in 2004

Two years after bringing her home, we've finally made a blog dedicated to Emma's adoption from China in 2004. The following posts include pictures from our journey and e-mail messages we sent home to our family & friends while in China. Enjoy!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

September 2, 2004

Today was the Consulate Appointment! Emma proudly displayed her new colors; red, white & blue! We also took the "annual" red couch picture and spent the day with our travel group since most of them would be leaving the next day.

Getting ready for our big day at the American Consulate!
Don't I look cute with my new bow? I'm not a fan of bows at ALL, so I promptly pulled it out despite the efforts and protests of my big sister.
Emma and Mommy
Emma and Daddy
Emma and Sera
Lily and Sera
Our family (minus 3) in front of the water fall.
Babies on the red couch! From Left to Right: JereMiah, Meili, Emma, Lily, Grace, Johanna and Elizabeth. (Missing from photo are Kelly & Esther)
Family on the red couch
Here's the whole group- minus one family! 5 babies were from Beijing, and 4 were from Kunming.


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